Artifact Illustration

We are fortunate to be working with a talented illustrator named Matthew Crotts who will be drawing artifacts excavated at Singer-Moye during the 2013 and 2015 field seasons.

The artifact below is a human effigy which would have decorated the rim of a ceramic bowl. It was recovered from a unit located east of Mounds A and H in 2013. This artifact is similar in style to other human effigies  recovered from Mississippian sites further to the west.


DP100983Moundville effigy

Singer Moye effigy (top), effigy bowl from New Madrid, in the collections of the Metropolitain Museum of Art (left), and drawing of an effigy bowl from Moundville (right) (reproduced from Knight, V.J. 2010. Mound Excavations at Moundville: Architecture, Elites, and Social Order. University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa., p. 52).

About Dr. Jennifer Birch

I am an archaeologist who specializes in the Archaeology of Eastern North America. Conceptually, my interests are underpinned by the desire to understand how the lived experiences of individuals and communities articulates with long-term, large-scale processes of social and cultural change. My current research is concerned with the development of organizational complexity and diversity in eastern North America. Ongoing projects in Northeastern North America include: - Geophysical investigations of Late Precontact Iroquoian Villages - Regional synthesis of data on Iroquoian settlement patterns, including intra-site patterns, interregional interaction, and geopolitical realignment Ongoing projects in Southeastern North America include: - Multi-scalar investigations of the Late Woodland to Mississippian transition in the Deep South - Household and community archaeology at the Singer-Moye site
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